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    Mission & Commitments


    国产偷拍视频Chaminade University offers its students an education in a collaborative learning environment that prepares them for life, service and successful careers. Guided by its Catholic, Marianist and liberal arts educational traditions, Chaminade encourages the development of moral character, personal competencies, and a commitment to build a just and peaceful society. The University offers both the civic and church communities of the Pacific region its academic and intellectual resources in the pursuit of common aims.

    Statement of Core Commitments

    From our Mission flow the following Core Commitments which both amplify and specify the Mission. We understand our Core Commitments as guiding both the service we offer and the formation of our educational community:

    Commitments to Service

    •  To offer quality academic programs, both those leading to a degree and those focused on continuing education, in a manner responsive to the needs of our students and communities;
    •  To graduate students who are recognized for their liberal arts learning, preparation for professional careers, facility in the use of information and communication technologies, interest in life-long learning, appreciation of diversity, sense of ethical responsibility, and commitment to leadership through service to affect positively individual lives and the common good;
    •  To be a community that looks beyond itself and engages in public service, that enriches the life of the wider community;
    •  To exhibit a strong social consciousness that expressly permeates all curricula;
    •  To engage in partnerships with the Hawaii community, our Pacific Island neighbors, the church and those with whom we share Marianist sponsorship;
    •  To explore critically the intersections of faith and culture and, consistent with our identity, engage our students in this dialogue and participate in the processes of public learning and policy formulation and the building of a more just and peaceful society.

    Commitments to the Character of Our Educational Community

    •  To be a unified educational community where members are committed to our common mission and their self-development;
    •  To be a faculty and staff with a primary focus on student learning and the development of the whole person;
    •  To hold an extensive view of hospitality, meaning cordiality to the ideas and talents of others; to listen with an open mind that enhances our integrity and reasserts our humanity;
    •  To nurture a culture which honors and promotes open inquiry, reflection, critical dialogue with peers on and beyond the campus and the dissemination of our scholarship;
    •  To be a scholarly community which explores and encourages connections between disciplines and provides the various experiences necessary to make those connections. This implies intense, dedicated collaboration among colleagues and students;
    •  To foster an excellent multi-cultural learning environment drawing on our unique Pacific Island location;
    •  To conduct ourselves with personal integrity, perhaps the most powerful educational tool we possess; to serve as mentors and role models; the way in which we interact with students enables them to work with others in a like manner;
    •  To be a community which stays the course through the difficult periods. Patience, self- discipline and sacrifice are necessary to build a strong community. We look within ourselves for solutions and the resolve to work through difficulties.