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    Education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge

    Education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge, but about fostering—and nurturing—character and building ethical leadership skills for a quickly changing planet. At Chaminade, we’re here to develop the whole student (mind, body and spirit), stressing social justice and service to others in an education rooted in rich Marianist traditions.

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    国产偷拍视频We encourage our students to think deeper, to question and push the limits in their academic pursuits. And we do the same, seeking to create an inclusive and thought-provoking scholarly community where ideas are nurtured and learning is about pursuing your passions.

    We’re here for you — every step of the way

    We demand a lot from our students, but we don’t expect them to go it alone. Our faculty and staff are all dedicated to ensuring every Chaminade student gets individualized attention, from academic advising to tutoring to access to robust career development programs.

    Having the ability to rub elbows with people from all over the world is something unique Chaminade offers.

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