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    How will you pay it forward?

    Maybe you received a scholarship during your own education. Maybe you want to honor a loved one with the gift of a better future for another. Maybe you just want to make a positive investment in the next generation of Hawaii’s leaders. Whatever the reason, donating to a scholarship at Chaminade will help define your legacy.

    国产偷拍视频Chaminade’s scholarship program is an essential component of its commitment to provide traditionally underserved students with a world-class education here in Honolulu. More than 95% of our undergraduates attend on some form of financial aid, including scholarships. As approximately 50% of our students are the first in their families to attend a university, the need for financial aid is even more pronounced. Generous contributions, in any size, to the scholarship program greatly offset the financial burden our students would otherwise have to incur.

    A scholarship is the most immediate way to make an impact on a student’s educational career. One-hundred percent of funds donated to Chaminade scholarships go to the student recipient – none of your contribution pays overhead costs, administrative fees, or anything but the scholarship award to the student.

    And at Chaminade, the donor becomes a lifelong member of our ‘ohana. Regular communication with both our staff and your scholarship’s recipient translates to you knowing how your charitable contributions are positively facilitating the growth of our students along their journeys toward graduation, and beyond.

    Contact Us

    For more information on how to create your own legacy with a Chaminade University scholarship, please contact Dawn Johnson at (808) 739-8569 or dawn.johnson@autofixs.com.