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    Emergency Response Guides

    What should I do?

    These guides were developed to provide you with a quick reference and to aid in your response to various emergencies in a way that will help reduce the chances of serious injury to you or other persons, minimize damage to property, and assist emergency response personnel in effectively dealing with a critical incident.

    国产偷拍视频In order to be prepared, you should:

    • Know what emergencies can impact you and have a plan for each.
    • Always locate two exits in any building that you frequent.
    • At a minimum, have an emergency kit in your car and/or residence with a flashlight, whistle, small first aid kit and other items to sustain you for three days.
    • Think about how you will communicate with family and friends during an emergency when cell phone systems may be overwhelmed – try texting and/or establishing an out of town emergency phone contact person who family & friends can call to check in and relay messages.

    Access information about specific emergencies by clicking on the guides below:

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