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    Student Diversity

    Chaminade is a meeting place, a gathering together of many cultural traditions under one academic roof. Chaminade University is one of the most diverse colleges in the U.S., and provides a model of multi-cultural interaction and understanding. The greater community of Honolulu in which we are located provides another dimension of cultural awareness, as so many cultures co-exist and mutually benefit from one another in this cosmopolitan city.

    Students from the mainland US can experience a sense that they are “somewhere else,” and yet they are still going to school in one of the 50 states. Our international students will find a welcome here in Honolulu, Hawaii, a truly international city with a gracious host culture and immigrants from many areas of the globe. Local students can participate in a wealth of opportunities to discover the world beyond Hawaii, through Chaminade’s network with other institutions of higher learning.

    Fall 2019

    Full-Time Undergraduate and Graduate Students
    Non-Resident Alien179261.6%
    American Indian or Alaska Native85130.8%
    Black or African American3019493.1%
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander31710742426.8%
    Two or More Races84201046.6%
    GENDER %73.8%26.2%100.0%

    Percentage Receiving Pell Grants (Undergraduate Only): 34.7%