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    Dining Services

    Welcome to the Chaminade Dining Program!

    A variety of dining options and locations are available on the Chaminade campus. We also offer meal plans for on-campus and off-campus residents, as well as commuting students.

    Please visit the Chaminade University Campus Dish for additional information.

    Meal Plans

    Food services are available for students living in campus housing. Residents of Hale Lokelani, Hale Pohaku and Kieffer Hall are required to purchase a meal plan. This is part of the contract as a condition of residing in these halls. Since the rooms do not have kitchens, no personal cooking is allowed in residence halls for safety and sanitation reasons. Students in these residence halls may choose from these plans:
    (A) Hula, (B) Mahalo or (C) Aloha. If no meal plan is chosen, students will automatically be placed on the (A) Hula meal plan for the semester.

    Students living in our Waialae Avenue apartment complex may choose to sign up for any of the meal plans listed below, however, it is not required. For apartment residents who would like the flexibility and ease of having some of their meals prepared for them, Plan D has been specially designed for them.

    Plan A – Hula ($2,544 /semester)
    • 10 meals per week
    • $150 declining balance dollars
    • 2 guest meals
    Plan B – Mahalo ($3,332 /semester)
    • 14 meals per week
    • $150 declining balance dollars
    • 2 guest meals
    Plan C – Aloha ($3,445 /semester)
    • Unlimited*
    • $150 declining balance dollars
    • 5 guest meals
    Plan D – 80 Block Lunch or Dinner Meals ($1,118 /semester)
    • 80 block lunch or dinner
    • $150 declining balance dollars

    *All Unlimited All-Access members meal plan periods consist of our conventional meal period hours as well as an additional unlimited period.

    Additional Meal Plan Information:

    • Unlimited meal plans are non-transferable–these meal plans may only be used by the plan holder and cannot be used for guests of the plan holder.
    • The plan holder must have his or her meal card (Chaminade ID) to enter the dining facility.
    • Residential unlimited meal plans expire at the end of each semester.
    • Unlimited meals are intended to be eaten within the dining facility.  Anyone taking a meal “to go” may not return until the following meal period.

    For more information, read our Meal Plan FAQs.

    Dining Hours

    • Breakfast: 7:30–10 AM
    • Lunch: 11 AM–2 PM
    • Unlimited: 2:30–4:45 PM (Only All-Access Meal Plan Holders)
    • Dinner: 5–8 PM
    • Brunch: 11 AM–2 PM
    • Dinner: 5–8 PM
    Additional Dining Information:

    国产偷拍视频These plans allow students unlimited access to the dining facility.  The meal plan holder needs to check in each time they enter but may return as many times throughout the day.

    Commuter Student Meal Plans

    Living off-campus doesn’t mean you have to hassle with shopping, cooking and cleaning after lunch. With a block meal plan, you have value, variety and convenience. It’s flexible and works right with your schedule. An off-campus student has the option to purchase a block of meals to eat at the Silversword Cafe during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Block meal plans also come with Debit Dollars to spend at both the Courtyard P.O.D. Market and the Silversword Cafe.

    Plan 1 ($583)
    • 55 block meals at lunch for the academic year
    • $70 savings (for buying in bulk)
    • $20 debit dollars
    Plan 2 ($526)
    • 45 block meals at lunch for the academic year
    • $40 savings (for buying in bulk
    • $40 debit dollars
    Plan 3 ($350)
    • 25 block meals at lunch for the academic year
    • $15 savings (for buying in bulk
    • $65 debit dollars

    Dining Facilities

    The P.O.D. Market

    国产偷拍视频Come and enjoy your meals on our open-air patio! Try a classic sub sandwich or wrap from the popular P.O.D. Market featuring gourmet sandwiches and flavorful salads and side dishes! Wake up with a piping hot cup of our gourmet coffee! We now offer a full breakfast menu daily (meal plan breakfast option) and hot entrees at lunch and dinner. We feature convenient express grab-and-go bentos, musubis, salads, yogurt parfaits and splashes of cool drinks to refresh you! The P.O.D. Market accepts cash, credit card, Declining Meal Plan Dollars and Declining Add-On Dollars.

    Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM–7:30 PM
    国产偷拍视频Weekends: Closed

    Abbreviated schedule during Spring & Christmas Breaks

    Meal Service Hours
    • Breakfast: 7:30 AM–10 AM
    • Continental Breakfast: 10 AM–11 AM
    • Lunch: 11 AM–2:30 PM
    • Dinner Entree: 5–7 PM
    • Snack, Beverages, Grab & Go Express items: 11AM–Closing

    The Silversword Cafe

    The Silversword Cafe is home to the freshest flavors on campus! We offer an exciting dining program for you. Daily lunches, dinners and our weekend brunches feature traditional “all-you-care-to-eat” meals, live cooking action, variety, value, and convenience at Tredtin Hall. Come and explore the wide variety of options at each meal for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch.

    The Silversword Cafe is open to the entire campus community.  Join us for our theme dining meals and special culinary events. Visit the Campus Dish website for menus, meal plans or more information.

    Hours of Operation


    Breakfast: 7:30–10:00 AM
    Lunch: 11 AM–2 PM
    Dinner: 5–8 PM


    • Breakfast/Brunch: 11 AM–2 PM
    • Lunch: N/A
    • Dinner: 5– 8 PM

    Closed during Christmas, Spring and Summer Breaks


    • Sizzle Grill Station: Burgers, grilled sandwiches, French fries
    • Live Action Saute: Entrees and sides from around the world
    • Simmer Station: Healthy and hearty soups and chili
    • Pizza Station: Freshly-made pizzas
    • Deli Station: Make your favorite sandwich
    • Crisp Station: Salad bar with crisp, fresh greens, garden vegetables, local fresh fruits and dressings
    • Splash Station: Beverage station with fountain, coffee and fruit juices and enhanced waters
    • Sweet Station: Baked confections and desserts

    国产偷拍视频At the Silversword Cafe, you can pay with your weekly meal plan allowance, Declining Meal Plan Dollars and Declining Add-On Dollars, or you may pay with cash or credit card. Meal plan meals are not transferable, and ID cards are necessary for admission if you are not paying with cash. Declining Add-On Dollars are available for everyone to purchase at the Dining Services Office at Tredtin Hall. We offer up to a 15% bonus on Dining Dollar purchases, depending on your investment in the plan. Declining Add-On Dollars can be added to your meal card at any time to supplement your meal plan. Declining Add-On Dollars and meal plans can be utilized in the Silversword Cafe and the P.O.D. Market during business hours.